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Global NTD Courses & Training

Further education & training in NTDs, global health & development

Disease Control 
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Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Short courses at LSTM including:

• Development of a Disease Control Programme 

• Combined Essentials of TB & HIV 

• Statistical Methods for Epidemiological and Clinical Research

• Key Topics in Snakebite: Biology, Epidemiology, Pathology & Treatment

• Statistical Methods for Epidemiological and Clinical Research

Short courses full listing & application available here.

Professional Diploma at LSTM including:

• Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene

• Diploma in Tropical Nursing

• Certificate in International Health Consultancy

Professional diploma full listing & application available here.

M.Sc. and Research Degrees full information here.

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‘Hands on’ Course on Arthropods of Medical and Veterinary Significance: A global perspective, from theory to practice

Summer Course in Entomology, National Veterinary School of Toulouse, France

26 to 30th of August 2019

Download PDF information here

Water, sanitation & hygiene
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