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ISNTD Festival 2023

Creative industries, science communication & public engagement for global health

Online conference 

15-16th March 2023




The ISNTD Festival brings together communication, arts, entertainment and science to help complex public health messages reach patients, the public and global health professionals worldwide. Welcome to the seventh annual ISNTD Festival!

The aim of our ISNTD Festival has always been to explore the black box between the end of operational research and actual change, whether that change is at policy level or indeed at community level. This change in mindsets, behavior and ultimately policy is inevitable but it's up to us as a community to direct that change.


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ISNTD Showcase

The ISNTD Festival Showcase brings together outstanding material from the creative industries, the arts, science & research, and science communication on the themes of Neglected Tropical Diseases, diseases of poverty behaviour change and advocacy. 

Discover the ISNTD Showcase here and the rich and varied approaches developed to explain, share and tackle some of the most complex issues in neglected tropical diseases across numerous formats and media, from film and photo, to books, apps and gaming, audio, theatre, art, behaviour change campaigns and much more! 

ISNTD Festival Awards

Each year, the ISNTD Festival brings together some of the most exciting creative work aiming to tackle complex challenges in tropical and infectious diseases. These projects are entered for consideration as part of the ISNTD Festival Awards. Please email Kamran Rafiq ( to enter the 2023 ISNTD Festival Awards.


The awards we give out are for film, tv, radio, print, campaigns, comics, apps, gaming, theatre and are broad categories so that we can include the widest possible spectrum of amazing communication efforts worldwide.

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Presentations and panel discussion running March 15th and 16th 2023, online. This event is free to attend; please register in the box above or email directly. Please note that we have an ultimate deadline for submissions of material on 10th March 2023 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the ISNTD please find this link to memberships useful.

DAY 1 - MARCH 15th 2023

9:00-9:30 UTC

The role of communications in global health, the WHO's perspective

Gabriella Stern (Director of Communications, World Health Organization)

Gilles Reboux (Producer, World Health Organization & leader of WHO's Health for All Film Festival)

9:30-11:00 UTC

Film in global health: shining the spotlight on communities


Community Voices: Empowering & partnering with communities to fight mosquito-borne diseases

Bruno Col (Global Communications and Engagement Director, World Mosquito Program) and Alan Mee (Global Community Engagement Director, World Mosquito Program, WMP)

From science to real life: tackling relapsing malaria in the Amazon

Elodie Jambert (Senior Director, Access and Product Management, Medicines for Malaria Venture, MMV

Gilles Reboux (Producer, World Health Organization)

11:15-13:45 UTC - From creative process to advocacy & workshop 

11:15-12:45 UTC​

  • Chikungunya disease awareness (Stéphanie Meyer and Judith Perez Gomez, Valneva)

  • ING-MA: leveraging Artificial Intelligence in dengue campaigns (Ratchada Akkarasrimachai, Head of Vaccines, Takeda Thailand) and Phattraphorn Chunhakamolruck, Senior Product Manager, Takeda Thailand)
  • "From neglect to hope: voices of leishmaniasis", (Ilan Moss, Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative DNDi)

12:55-13:40 UTC

  • Getting the best out of your stories - a video marketing workshop (Steve Maud, Cloud9Media)   


Watch the films featured in the above sessions here.

13:45-15:15 UTC - Opportunities and innovation in apps for the control of neglected tropical diseases

  • "Skin NTDs app" (Dr Jose Antonio Ruiz Postigo, World Health Organization, WHO)

  • "Improving the diagnosis and treatment of Chagas diseases: the iChagas app" (Dr Colin Forsyth, DNDi)

  • "Digital tools for community driven NTD management" (Delphine Pedeboy, Senior Partnerships Manager, and Sarvesh Tewari, Director of Innovation, Dimagi)

  • "An ocean of data and the predictive telescope: AI predictive capacity, ChatGPT and the future of data comms", Prof Joacim Rocklöv (Heidelberg University, Heidelberg Institute of Global Health, HIGH)

15:45-17:15 UTC - Creating interfaces between audiences, users and data in neglected tropical diseases

  • KnowDengue website and experience (Dr Austin Wilson, Director Global Dengue Brand team, Vaccine Business Unit, Takeda)

  • DxConnect test directories: a beacon of information in a sea of questions (Dr Anna Mantsoki, FIND the global alliance for diagnostics)

  • Mrs Jessica Ahedor-Kyei (Founder and CEO, Science Journalism Ghana)

  • "Strengthening the hands that matter: building the capacities of grass-root level health care workers in dengue prevention amidst a complex emergency", Dr. Lahiru Kodituwakku (Disaster Management Focal Point Medical Officer, National Dengue Control Unit, Ministry of Health Sri Lanka) and Dr. Jagath Amarasekera (Consultant Community Physician/ Specialist in Public Health, National Dengue Control Unit, Ministry of Health Sri Lanka)

MARCH 16th 2023

9:30-11:00 - How would you like to be informed? – Community Engagement for the introduction of (a new) paediatric bilharzia treatment

  • "Introduction to the ADOPT Project", Jenny Burrill (Unlimit Health)

  • "ADOPT social science approach: data gathering and direction", Lisa Reigl (Technical University of Munich, TUM)

  • "Social science study in Kenya", Alice Sinkeet (African Institute for Health and Development, AIHD)

  • "Social mobilisation strategy process – Examples from Kenya and input from sub-county and community levels", Florence Wakesho (Schistosomiasis and STH Program Manager, Ministry of Health Kenya)

  • Isabelle Lange (Coordinating scientist of ADOPT at CGH / Technical University of Munich)

11:30-12:30 UTC - Emerging creative voices in neglected tropical diseases: art, written word and film 

  • "Creative voices & their role in raising awareness of Neglected Tropical Diseases", Obed Imbahafi (University of Kigali; World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO; storyteller)

  • "Addressing the Elephant", Ireoluwa Adegoke (5th year medical student, University of Ibadan & illustrator)

  • "Agony of the Night" & scabies in Ethiopia, Dereje Wonde (Bahir Dar University & 5S Foundation & Brighton and Sussex Medical School, BSMS) and Eyerusalem Kassahun (Addis Ababa University & 5S Foundation & Brighton and Sussex Medical School, BSMS)

13:30-14:40 UTC - Changing narratives in global health and the African youth

  • Mr Kamala Dickson (SADC Youth Head of Pan Africanism, Sports, Arts, Culture & Heritage Cluster)

  • Dr Vivian Joseph (SADC Youth Health Cluster)

14:40-15:15 ISNTD Festival Awards

16:00-17:45 UTC - Arts and installations in neglected tropical diseases

  • “Public engagement in art and science in insect vectors of NTDs in Fiocruz, Rio", Prof Fernando Genta (Oswaldo Cruz Institute, Fiocruz, and collaboration with the School of Fine Arts, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

  • “NTDs lab as an arts studio", Dr Rod Dillon (freelance NTDs scientist/artist @sandflyman) 

  • “Playing with vinyl record microfluidics; socially engaged art practice and global health”, Dr Ross Dalziel (freelance maker & socially-engaged artist) 

  • An interactive billboard experience to engage HCPs and the public on dengue fever (Mayumi Fujino Chang, Associate Director, Global Dengue Brand Team, Vaccine Business Unit, Takeda)

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