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ISNTD Festival 2024

Creative industries, science communication & public engagement for global health

Online conference 

23-24th April 2024




The ISNTD Festival brings together communication, arts, entertainment and science to help complex public health messages reach patients, the public and global health professionals worldwide. Welcome to the seventh annual ISNTD Festival!

The aim of our ISNTD Festival has always been to explore the black box between the end of operational research and actual change, whether that change is at policy level or indeed at community level. This change in mindsets, behavior and ultimately policy is inevitable but it's up to us as a community to direct that change.


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ISNTD Showcase

The ISNTD Festival Showcase brings together outstanding material from the creative industries, the arts, science & research, and science communication on the themes of Neglected Tropical Diseases, diseases of poverty behaviour change and advocacy. 

Discover the ISNTD Showcase here and the rich and varied approaches developed to explain, share and tackle some of the most complex issues in neglected tropical diseases across numerous formats and media, from film and photo, to books, apps and gaming, audio, theatre, art, behaviour change campaigns and much more! 

ISNTD Festival Awards

Each year, the ISNTD Festival brings together some of the most exciting creative work aiming to tackle complex challenges in tropical and infectious diseases. These projects are entered for consideration as part of the ISNTD Festival Awards. Please email Marianne Comparet ( to enter the 2024 ISNTD Festival Awards.


The awards we give out are for film, tv, radio, print, campaigns, comics, apps, gaming, theatre and are broad categories so that we can include the widest possible spectrum of amazing communication efforts worldwide.

Links to previous ISNTD Festivals


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Presentations and panel discussion will be running April 23-24th 2024, online from 8:30-16:00 UTC. This event is free to attend; please register in the box above or email directly. Please note that we have an ultimate deadline for submissions of material on April 18th 2024. 

Day 1: April 23rd 2024

8:30-10:00 UTC | Communicating about neglected diseases: from local challenges to global advocacy- REPLAY AVAILABLE HERE

  • Theresa Baird (Senior Programmes Officer at CBM Global Disability Inclusion) – the story of living with a Neglected Tropical Disease

  • Claire Jeantet (Inediz) - Noma, a Neglected Tropical Disease: from the shadows to global movement 

  • The success story of the World NTD Day and the “Unite. Act. Eliminate" trilingual song

Priya Kanayson (Advocacy and communications director, Global Institute for Disease Elimination)

Louisa Tribe (Director of Communications & Partnerships, Uniting to Combat NTDs)

Dereck Mpofu (Musical artist)

10:30-12:00 UTC | Art for science: creative strategies & messaging for global health - REPLAY AVAILABLE HERE


  • Beth Anderson (CEO Arkitek Scientific) - from complex ideas to elegant visualizations for science, technology and education

  • Omoregie Osakpolor (documentary photographer & filmmaker) and Gregory Porter (Senior Associate Director of Communications, the END Fund) - Reframing neglect: a fine art and documentary photography exhibition on NTDs

  • Mahati Ramachandra (Scientific illustrator & Artiverse) 

12:30-14:00 UTC | Beyond numbers: the science and art of analytical storytelling through data visualization- REPLAY AVAILABLE HERE

  • Angelica A. Garcia (Project Staff, Ateneo Center for Computing Competency and Research) - how data visualisation impacts data-driven decision-making for public health


  • Prof Paula Moraga (Professor of Statistics at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) 

  • Christopher Ho (Big Data Institute, University of Oxford) - "Beyond reports: The use of maps in community engagement, examples from SchistoTrack"

14:30-16:00 UTC | Journalism and neglected tropical diseases - REPLAY AVAILABLE HERE 

  • Dr Trust Matsilele (Senior Lecturer Journalism, Birmingham City University) - Funding Roadblocks, Knowledge Gaps and Future of Science Journalism in Southern Africa

  • Aline Tavares (Senior Communications Analyst, Instituto Butantan) – Lessons from combatting fake news and sharing health-related information with the general public

  • Ricardo Carrillo Meza (Health Sciences Center, Autonomous University of Baja California, Mexicali)

  • Adenike Adebowale-Tambe (Freelance journalist, Nigeria)

  • Kathryn Cleary (Internews Health Journalism Network)

Day 2: April 24th 2024

8:30-10:00 UTC | Public health challenges and community engagement- REPLAY AVAILABLE HERE

  • Gabrielle Thompson (Communications Officer, University of Edinburgh and TIBA Partnership) – ‘Mission Bilharzia 101’ comic book 

  • Dr Yahya Disu (Head of Communications, Nigeria CDC) - Risk communication during health emergencies in Nigeria: What are its challenges?

  • Stéphanie Meyer (Global Medical Expert, Valneva) – The chikungunya threat in communities and raising awareness 

  • Dr Hang Nguyen (Oxford University Clinical Research Unit, Vietnam) - Healthcare students’ voice in Ethics and Clinical research

  • Dr Lauren Wilburn (Big Data Institute, Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford) - Designing effective community feedback loops to improve study designs: the case of SchistoTrack 

10:30-12:00 UTC | Spotlight on Podcasts

  • Wealth Okete - Immunology in Africa Podcast 

  • Garry Aslanyan (WHO TDR) - Global Health Matters Podcast 

  • Desmond Jumbam - Global Health Unfiltered Podcast

  • Callum Mutch and Jame McCrae – the ID:IOTS podcast (Infectious Disease Insight Of Two Specialists, supported by the British Infection Association)

12:30-14:00 UTC | Film session 

  • Calum Goodwin (Encephalitis International) - "Shot in the Arm"

  • Lydia Trippler (Swiss TPH) – Schistosomiasis in Zanzibar

  • Ilan Moss (Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative, DNDi) – “The Kissing Bug Doctors of Florida”

  • Murchana Roychoudhury (Barcelona Institute for Global Health, IS Global) - "Proyecto ECO | Irene y la ruta de la salud"

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