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World Dengue Day

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A global collective of patients, researchers, professionals and advocates is growing worldwide, with the clear goal of reducing the burden of dengue around the world by devising ambitious action plans and collaborations to contribute to this fight against dengue.


Join this global movement and:

sign the Open Letter to the United Nations asking for a World Dengue Day

share your story and how dengue affects you whether as a patient, healthcare professional, carer or other

receive our Monthly Global Newsletter and track the progress of the World Dengue Day petition

discover recent research and thought leadership on dengue from around the world in our 360° dengue series

Dengue Infographic


Find out more about why the world needs a dengue day 

Media Toolkit

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Access the World Dengue Day Public Relations Toolkit, a guidance document containing useful ideas and editable resources to help support your communication efforts around the call for a World Dengue Day. The draft materials include branding guidance for your adaptation and implementation.
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