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The Elephant in the Room

Ireoluwa Adegoke (University of Ibadan, Nigeria)

The Elephant in the Room

"Let's address the Elephant in the room" is a common English phrase. The elephant in this case, being, preventable Neglected tropical diseases still affecting millions of people worldwide, especially Nigeria.
This was depicted in the poster by the young boy having elephant legs for calves to represent bilateral lymphedema associated with Lymphatic FIlariasis (a.k.a Elephantisis) caused by Wucheria bancrofti and the peach coloured circle around his head to show the mosquito vectors of Elephantiasis.

Addressing the elephant would ensure that resources and time can be better spent on achieving the goals of the child and by extension, the society. This was depicted by the lines showing the child's eyes set on something higher than his present predicament and the Wucheria bancrofti parasite behind him showing the child and his dreams are more important than the NTDs.

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