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ISNTD Festival Showcase | Film

The Story of Rahila Abubakar: "I became blind because of Trachoma."

Speak Up Africa

Trachoma is a painful disease of the eyes and the major cause of blindness or visual impairment in 1.9 million people worldwide. The eye infection is a major public health concern in 44 countries and causes irreversible blindness if left untreated.

Abdullahi traveled to the home of Rahila Abubakar in Magamar Jibiya, a rural town in Katsina, northwestern Nigeria, to document the life of Rahila who got infected by Trachoma and became blind 15 years ago. The documentary highlights how the disease affects Rahila's life and education.

Produced, written and directed by Abdullahi Tsanni
Vidography: Ismaila Abba Rafindadi & Salim Ashiru Mahuta
Edited by Ugo Chinyere

Special thanks to
- Ruona Meyer

This documentary is supported by Speak Up Africa as part of the Lines of Impact Project on Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) in Nigeria.

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