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Meeting the needs of pregnant and lactating women: MMV's MiMBa strategy

Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV)

This is the story of Dianah and Elizabeth, a Kenyan mother and daughter who were affected by malaria during Dianah's pregnancy. The harrowing journey that Dianah and Elizabeth went through is sadly not a rare one. Each year, around 130 million pregnancies occur in malaria-endemic regions, putting pregnant women and the babies they are carrying at severe risk of health complications like anaemia, severe malaria, low birth weight and even death. MMV's Malaria in Mothers and Babies (MiMBa) strategy aims to improve access to appropriate medicines for pregnant and breastfeeding women and newborns affected by malaria. MMV implements its MiMBa strategy through collaboration with global partners in the malaria community by improving drug coverage, providing information and generating data on the safety of existing antimalarial medicines in pregnancy.

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