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Dengue Voices: your story

As part of our campaign to drive awareness of the global burden of dengue and ahead of our petition to the United Nations General Assembly to ratify a World Dengue Day, we are highlighting personal experiences of dengue fever. We are hoping to communicate to the world what it means to go through dengue fever and the effect it has on individuals as well as their families and communities. 

This is for those who have directly suffered from dengue fever as well as those involved with patients, communities, healthcare systems or research in the field of dengue.

We would like to hear from you, about your experiences of dengue fever and we are hoping to receive as many personal accounts as possible.


You can read our Patient Voices stories right here


If you do wish to share your story, please see the template below or feel free to email Kamran Rafiq (Communications Director at ISNTD) directly on either with your account or any further questions. Please note that any information you provide which you do not want shared (such as your name, location etc) will be held in the strictest confidence.

In describing your experience with dengue fever, you may find considering some of the following questions helpful: Where did you catch dengue fever? What signs and symptoms did you experience? How were you affected by your symptoms (for example, did you have to take time off work and if so for how long)? How severe were your symptoms? Were you able to look after yourself while you were sick? How long before you were well again? Where did you seek medical treatment? Did the healthcare professionals consider dengue fever as the cause of your symptoms? What type of treatment did you receive?

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