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ISNTD Conferences & Meetings 2021
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ISNTD Connect

Online & ongoing

Every week, join us for short topical meetings about tropical diseases and global health. More detail here.  

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Noma conference

February 11th 2021


"Noma, a disease that shouldn't exist anymore"

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ISNTD d³ 2021

February 24-25th 2021


Drug discovery, development & diagnostics for NTDs

ISNTD Festival 2021

March 24-25th 2021


Science communication, public engagement and creative industries for tropical diseases & global health

ISNTD Bites 2021

October 2021​

Online event

Vector control & disease surveillance


ISNTD Water 2021

30 November 2021​

Online event

Water, sanitation & hygiene for tropical diseases

Infectious Thoughts interviews
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