The International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases

Progress through partnership

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Annual Individual Membership Fees:

The ISNTD is composed of an international and diverse members base, which is the driving force behind its achievements, shapes its output and conferences, and represents its ethos throughout the world. These members range from individuals engaged in highly focused NTD research to global corporations whose activities and reach span to other diverse sectors,  all coming together in a dynamic multimedia platform to further research, dialogue and exchange in the field of NTDs.


By joining the Society, our members are able to join this multidisciplinary network of experts & organisations, attend a host of NTD-specific events and have access to resources on the ISNTD website.


Membership lasts for 12 months. During this time, you will be an integral and visible part of our experts' network through our events, our website and our newsletter.


We offer:


- individual membership

- membership for organisations/institutions


Instituional membership features: 


- upto 4 attendees from your organization at each of of our conferences throughout the 12 month membership period ( no attendance fee is charged for duration of membership period )

- preferred speaker slot at each conference throughout the 12 month membership period

- preferred panel slot at each conference throughout the 12 month membership period

- speaker and panel participation is filmed and disseminated globally

- 1000 - 1500 word article in the accompanying research handbook for each conference throughout the 12 month membership period (hard copy and also electronic distribution to over 12000 global contacts this is a growing list )

- Newsletter interviews with senior figures within your organization as part of our Infectious thoughts series

- access to all conference video output including archive from past 3 years



Individual membership features: 


-ISNTD Conferences: Membership to the society confers a 20% discount on the price of tickets to ISNTD conferences.

-ISNTD Newsletter: In addition, you will be an integral part of our ISNTD Newsletter and we would encourage all members to contribute as often as possible.

-ISNTD Website: Access NTD resources on the website, designed so experts can reach out to other disciplines connected with NTDs.

-ISNTD Research Hub to view and hear selected footage on NTDs and global health issues including selected material from ISNTD conferences.


I would like to join I would like more info

- Corporate/Government: £75

- Academic/NGO: £50  

- Student: £30