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Neglected Tropical Diseases

For multidisciplinary partnerships with NTD specialists, development professionals, research scientists, governments, donor & philanthropic organisation and the private sector for

improved healthcare outcomes for all

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June 2016 The changing landscape of malaria diagnostics - BioMed Central


May 2016 Africa: Ennaid Therapeutics Invited to Participate in the International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases - Discovery, Development, Diagnostics (ISNTD d3) Conference in London, UK - PR Newswire


April 2016 ISNTD -Parasitic worms may hold key to cutting spread of HIV: researchers - Reuters


April 2016 Putting Neglected Diseases On The Table Could End World Hunger: Experts -The Huffington Post


April 2016 ISNTD Member Johnson&Johnson -  Dengue: A Global Public Health Threat That Deserves Attention


June 2015 ISNTD joins 90 organisations in an open letter to call on G7 to further increase funding for NTDs


March 2015 Bug Bitten BioMed Central Press Blog Prof Hilary Hurd


Jan 2015 London School of Economics - Prof Tim Allen - A new approach to eradicating 'neglected' tropical diseases


Oct 10th 2014: Financial Times Report: Combating Neglected Tropical Disease


May 2014: Special Report - New drugs for neglected parasitic diseases - Pan European Networks


May 18th 2014: The ISNTD d³ - A meeting to discuss drug discovery for neglected tropical diseases


May 16th 2014: Dating site tech inspires health research website


Dec 12th 2013: TDR News - Fighting NTDs in Portuguese-speaking African countries


Dec 22nd 2013: Exploring the world of disease vectors in London - International Pest Control


Dec 2013: Dalberg Report - analysis of the neglected tropical disease advocacy landscape 2013


May 2nd 2013: The Guardian - "How to keep the spotlight on neglected tropical diseases"


April 2013: "Two Birds with One Stone" - The Lancet Infectious Diseases Editorial


March 29-31st 2013: UK Health Radio Broadcast - ISNTD Coinfections panel discussions


Mar 26th 2013: "Neil Squires (DFID) talking at ISNTD Coinfections meeting" - Health & Education Advice & Resources


Feb 21st 2013: "Co-infections and neglected tropical diseases" - UK Department for International Development


Feb 2013: "ISNTD urges multidisciplinary pooling of resources to impact diseases of poverty"


Jan/Feb 2013: "News from the ISNTD Bites Meeting on Vector Control" - International Pest Control


Nov 5th 2012: "Fears over climate change impact on neglected tropical diseases" - IRIN News


Oct 31st 2012: "Climate change: will it affect the spread of vectorborne diseases?"


June 28th 2012: "Neglected tropical diseases: the future is multidisciplinary and 'one health'


June 12th 2012: "Sleeping Sickness: Human Disease Reduced by Treating Animals - Report from the International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases’ inaugural conference"

CABI VetMed Resource

Video: Pr. Alan Fenwick OBE (Schistosomiasis Control Initiative)

"Elimination of NTDs by 2020: An Ambitious Target"

Audio: Pr. Graham Matthews (WHO/Imperial College)

"Integrated Vector Management - beyond issuing bed nets and spraying houses"

Audio: Dr. Herminia Cabral (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation)

"Setting up a Health Research Center in Angola"

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Audio: "Coinfection & healthcare systems: towards better health in resource-poor settings"

Panel Discussion at ISNTD Coinfections, Wellcome Trust, Feb 2013.

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ISNTD & Gulbenkian Foundation

Fighting NTDs in lusophone Africa Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Oct 31st 2013, Lisbon

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