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You have successfully signed the petition!

Thank you for adding your voice to the global call for a  

World Dengue Day

Congratulations on joining a global collective of patients, researchers, professionals and advocates with the clear goal of reducing the burden of dengue around the world! 

Now you can find out more:

• Read DENGUE VOICES, where patients, healthcare practitioners and global professionals speak about how they have been affected by dengue and what a World Dengue Day would mean to them. 


SHARE YOUR OWN STORY if dengue has affected you, whether as a patient, healthcare professional, carer or other.

• Discover our 360° DENGUE series: the latest thought leadership and research on the growing global dengue threat including epidemiology, integrated disease surveillance, big data, R&D, diagnostics, vector control, WASH, climate change.

• Receive our MONTHLY GLOBAL NEWSLETTER and track the progress of the World Dengue Day petition.

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