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Webinar: Dengue vaccination, where do we go from here?

Last Friday, September 28 2018, in a webinar titled "Dengue Vaccination: Where Do We Go from Here?" GDAC (the Global Dengue and Aedes-Transmitted Diseases Consortium) addressed journalists on the new WHO position on Dengvaxia®. The webinar stemmed from GDAC's mission to promote independent communication of scientific information on dengue vaccines to inform evidenced-based decision making and ensure accurate and inclusive global health communication.

Dengue continues to pose a public health threat to people living in countries where the disease is present--as evidenced by recent news reports of dengue outbreaks on the island of La Reunion and in India. Still, the question remains: can the only approved vaccine against dengue be used effectively in the global fight against this disease?

In order to shed light on this topic and give an expert overview of the WHO position on Dengvaxia® along with the data and processes on which it is based, during the webinar GDAC explained the WHO's position; the dynamic generation of data and evolution of vaccine clinical profile; and growing dengue burden and need for global integrated strategy for prevention and control, followed by a Q&A with journalists.

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