Feb 24-25th 2021, online

ISNTD 2021

Drug discovery & development, diagnostics and vaccines for tropical diseases


From diagnosis to treatment - from treatment to surveillance, elimination and global goals 

ISNTD d³ 2021 addresses the current gaps and collaboration opportunities across malaria, neglected tropical diseases and diseases of poverty to accelerate drug discovery & development, vaccine R&D and uptake, and diagnostics and surveillance opportunities.


This year, ISNTD d³ will focus on recent developments, gaps and future needs of drug discovery, treatments and diagnostics in context of global health as well as broader challenges.

Presentations & panel discussions will run on both days, and partnership meetings can be arranged throughout the day.

Workshops on focused technologies and skills run concurrently throughout both days.


Please contact krafiq@isntd.org for further details including speaking & attending and to become a conference sponsor.

Day 1: Feb 24th 2021

Drug Discovery & Development

Introduction: challenges in tropical disease control - from pipeline gaps to surveillance needs

Session 1 - Pipeline gaps: advancing treatment for diseases of poverty


Session 2 - Platforms and Tools


Session 3 - Open innovation: next steps for open collaboration in neglected disease drug discovery 


Session 4 - Disease specific sessions & Clinical trials session


Concluding remarks

Day 2: Feb 25th 2021


Session 1: Collaboration in malaria & tropical diseases: developing surveillance & diagnosis to accelerate advocacy, funding & disease control

Session 2: Connectivity, technology and innovative diagnostics & disease focus workshops

Session 3: Diagnostics, surveillance and WHO targets: the role of diagnostics in the end-game


Concluding panel