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ISNTD Festival Showcase | Film

The Impact of Treating Intestinal Worms in Children

Johnson & Johnson

Watch as children in Peru share their symptoms & experiences with soil-transmitted helminths (STH) – an intestinal parasite transmitted through contaminated soil, food or water in areas with poor sanitation – and learn how Johnson & Johnson has worked with organizations such as INMED Partnerships for Children to help provide innovative treatment to those most in need.

Approximately 840 million children around the world are infected with or vulnerable to STH, which is currently one of the most neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). However, with specialized treatments for children and strong community outreach, we can #beatNTDs​. Since 2006, Johnson & Johnson has donated more than 1.6 billion doses of our innovative deworming medication, a chewable tablet form of mebendazole, to help treat approximately 880 million children globally.

Learn more about how we’re collaborating with partners in countries like Peru to help more children, in more places, live healthy lives here:

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