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ISNTD Festival Showcase | Film

Restoring Dignity

Inediz / Médecins Sans Frontières

Survivors disfigured by noma, a neglected disease killing 90% of people affected, are going through the long process of facial reconstruction and recovering their dignity in a unique hospital in Sokoto, Nigeria. While suffering pain and discrimination, Sakina, Amina, Adamu, Aliyu and Mulikat are on a life-changing journey to overcome years of isolation.

Sakina is a little girl, Amina and Adamu are teenagers and Mulikat and Aliyu are adults who have lived for decades with the terrible physical and psychological consequences of noma. While they suffer from pain, discomfort and discrimination, they are also on a life-changing journey to overcome years of isolation.

Coming from all Nigeria, they have found in Sokoto, a city at the North-West border, a unique reconstructive surgery program that can help them get a new face and go back with dignity to their communities. Four times a year, an international surgical team is coming to Noma Hospital for a round of 20 to 40 surgeries. Survivors eagerly await them with the hope of being selected for the next round of operations.

Noma is a gangrenous and disfiguring infection. As 90% of people aected are estimated to die within the first two weeks, characters of this documentary are part of the few who survived. “Restoring Dignity” oers an immersion in their lives and follow their struggle and achievements over the course of a year.

A documentary by Claire Jeantet and Fabrice Catérini

Restoring Dignity (52 minutes)

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