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ISNTD Festival Showcase | Film

From neglect to hope: voices of leishmaniasis

Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDi)

Health workers Luke (Kenya), Juliana (Colombia), and Shishu (India) share the same hope for their patients with leishmaniasis: simple, oral treatments. Leishmaniasis is one of the world's most neglected diseases, affecting over a million people every year. Many of the drugs that are used are 70 years old and are toxic, expensive, or difficult to take. But Luke, Juliana, and Shishu see a glimmer of hope: research is being conducted in their countries which can lead to a new generation of treatments. For the first time ever, it seems leishmaniasis research is moving from neglect to a sense of hope. Español: ; Japanese: ; Português: ; Find out more about our work: Visceral leishmaniasis: ; Cutaneous leishmaniasis: ; DNDi R&D and access programmes in focus: #HopeForLeishmaniasis

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