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Dr. Frederik Seelig - Partnerships Manager, the Global Vector Hub

Dr. Frederik Seelig is the Partnerships Manager for the Global Vector Hub. His main responsibilities include building and managing relationships with stakeholders across the vector control community, resource users, data providers and industry supporters. Before joining the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in 2019, Frederik worked in the Population Health team at the Wellcome Trust.


Frederik studied biology at the University of Bonn/Germany and the University of New South Wales/Australia; he then joined Klaus Kurtenbach’s group at the University of Bath/UK for a PhD project on the molecular ecology of Ixodes ticks. After obtaining his PhD in 2012, Frederik worked as a post-doctoral researcher the Entomology group at Wageningen University and Research/The Netherlands. Here, he focused on the vector competence of biting midges for the recently discovered Schmallenberg virus. This position was followed by work in scientific publishing in Cambridge/UK, and a subsequent move to London to work for Wellcome in 2016.

Frederik has a broad background in various aspects of medical entomology, and his main interests include vector biology and ecology, global health, science writing and Open Access.

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