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ISNTD Festival 2021

Creative industries, science communication & public engagement for global health

Online conference 

24-25th March 2021




The ISNTD Festival brings together communication, arts, entertainment and science to help complex public health messages reach patients, the public and global health professionals worldwide. Welcome to the fifth annual ISNTD Festival!

ISNTD Festival Awards

Each year, the ISNTD Festival brings together some of the most exciting creative work aiming to tackle complex challenges in tropical and infectious diseases. These projects are entered for consideration as part of the ISNTD Festival Awards. The winners of this year's awards have been announced, and please click here to discover the Winners of the ISNTD Festival 2021 Awards and their beautiful and impactful pieces of work, with some inspiring and innovative collaborations between the creative industries and the field of public health. Congratulations!  


Wednesday 24th March & Thursday 25th March 2021, online. 

What have been some of the most exciting and successful communication efforts in the last year, focusing on tropical diseases and global health? How has the COVID19 pandemic changed the way we communicate about public health in the past year? How can public engagement and science communication best be leveraged to support communities in tackling their main public health challenges? Here are some of the issues which will be discussed in this year's ISNTD Festival.


We will also be giving our Awards, in categories ranging from apps, film, photo to gaming and all in between! 

For any information or questions, or to enter your creative materials into our Showcase, please contact Kamran Rafiq (ISNTD Communications Director) at

Please join us over two days during the following sessions:


24 MARCH 2021

9.30-11.00 UTC

How has COVID19 changed the way in which we communicate about public health?

Gabriella Stern (Director of Communications at the World Health Organization)

Dr Pauline Paterson (The Vaccine Confidence Project, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine)

Elizabeth Merab (Award-winning Health and Science Journalist, Nation Media Group, Kenya)

Steve Maud (Filmmaker & Founder, Cloud9Media, UK)

11:30-13:00 UTC

New ways of visual storytelling

Prof Diana Lockwood (Emeritus professor of Tropical Medicine, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine & the New Face for Leprosy project)

Tom Bradley (Photographer & artist and the New Face for Leprosy project)

Lara Utian-Preston (Co-Founder & CEO of The Ladima Foundation)

John Ferguson (Visual Storyteller and Photographer)

13:30-15:00 UTC

The Bilharzia Storytelling Lab in Kenya: an innovative approach to community-based health education on schistosomiasis

Ms Lourdes Akello (Radio Journalist & Producer)
Ms Ngwatilo Mawiyoo (Poet, Filmmaker, Copywriter)
Ms Mutindi Mutuku (Media Lecturer)
Ms Njeri Wangari (Poet & Comms Professional)
Ms Julie Buur Trærup (Dalberg Media)

Antonia Asche (Specialist Schistosomiasis Elimination Program, Merck)

15:15-16:30 UTC

Digital design for infectious and neglected disease research 

Plague Inc: how video games can help sensitise wide audiences to infectious diseases

James Vaughan (CEO & Founder, Ndemic Creations)

Harnessing complex diagnostic challenges: designing a lab-on-chip and digital diagnostics concept 

Dr Francesca Piffer (Project Manager, Digital Diagnostics for Africa Network, Imperial College London) 

The CIDEIM app and cutaneous leishmaniasis: mobile health applications for neglected tropical disease research and data 

Dr Alexandra Cossio (Coordinator of Clinical Investigations, Centro Internacional de Entrenamiento e Investigaciones Medicas, CIDEIM, Colombia)


25 MARCH 2021

10:00-11.30 UTC

Reaching affected communities: adapting communications and approaches 

Using ethnographic film in tackling podoconiosis

Dr Lianne Cremers (Postdoctoral Researcher at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam / VU Amsterdam)

Reaching communities affected by Chagas disease

Dr Marina Gold (Chagas Disease Research Project, Mundo Sano)

Participatory planning for equity in MDA: Community advocacy for meaningful partnerships, communication and engagement of those left behind

Ms Noela Gwani (Sightsavers & COUNTDOWN on NTDs) and Dr Kim Ozano (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine & COUNTDOWN on NTDs)

Adapting Neglected Tropical Diseases programmes to support the COVID response: the role of behaviour change campaigns 

Mr Chris Boyton (M&C Saatchi World Services)

12:00-13:30 UTC

Overcoming stigmatization through creativity: lessons from skin neglected tropical diseases 

Challenging stigma and building dignity through Neglected Tropical Diseases communications

Andie Tucker (Project Manager, Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy, The Task Force for Global Health)

The Stigma Guides

Roos Geutjes (InfoNTD Coordinator & Information Officer) and Anne Schoenmakers (Project Leader & Medical Technical Consultant NLR, Leprastichting)

NTDs, Stigma and Mental Wellbeing: Photovoice and the Development of Support Groups in Nigeria

Dr Oluwatosin Adekeye (Team Lead, COUNTDOWN Wellbeing Study, Sightsavers Nigeria)

The Unconditional Appeal campaign and the role of the Changemakers

Hannah Mudge (Digital Innovation Manager, The Leprosy Mission England & Wales)

14:00-15:30 UTC

Creative approaches to support research and disease control  

Tigist, the story of a girl with podoconiosis

Dr Lianne Cremers (Postdoctoral Researcher at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam / VU Amsterdam)

Animation "Dengue fever: what we know"

Mr Boluwatife Aderounmu (Motion Designer & Medical Student, University of Ibadan)

The Use and Value of Visual Approaches to Advance NTD Programmes

Ms Shahreen Chowdhury (COUNTDOWN on NTDs, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine)
Creative Visual Methods in the Validation & Dissemination of Findings to Improve the Delivery of NTD Interventions in Liberia

Ms Georgina Zawolo (Lead Social Scientist, COUNTDOWN on NTDs, Liberia)
The Use of Cartoons to Improve Case Management of NTDs in Nigeria

Mr Martins Imhansoloeva (Research Coordinator, Policy & Programme Strategy at Sightsavers Nigeria and COUNTDOWN on NTDs)

16:00-17:00 UTC

Writing about health and disease: book panel

Preventing the Next Pandemic: Vaccine Diplomacy in a Time of Anti-science

Prof Peter Hotez (author & dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and co-director of the Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development)

If God is a Virus

Prof Seema Yasmin (author, journalist & Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine, Primary Care and Population Health, University of Stanford)


Film & Animation

Dengue fever: what to know

Boluwatife Aderounmu

Leave No One Behind: Disease of Neglected People

Eisai Co

Stop the transmission of leprosy!

NLR International


ISNTD Festival Endosymbiotic Love

Leishmania: surrounding & infecting the human immune cell macrophage as part of the Endosymbiotic Love project, see more. 

COUNTDOWN Kwara Photovoice1.png
COUNTDOWN Kaduna Photovoice1.png

Skin Stories: life through the lens of affected people in Kwara and Kaduna, Nigeria, photobooks. 

Elizabeth Hollenberg (SCI, Zanzibar) 2.p

Print & Campaigns

Stigma Guides_.jpg

Guides on Stigma and Mental Wellbeing

International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations (ILEP) and the Neglected Tropical Disease NGO Network (NNN)

ISNTD Vaccine Misinformation UNICEF.png

Vaccine Misinformation Management Field Guide (addressing the global infodemic)

UNICEF, Yale Institute for Global Health and PGP (The Public Good Projects) 

Apps & Gaming

Disease Lab.png
Plague Inc.png
CD4 Hunter.png
Malaria Spot.png
Epidemic Tracker.png
Micro Parasites.png
Battle in the Blood.jpg


Schisto & Ladders.png

Schisto & Ladders Game

by Pr. Uwem Ekpo (Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria)

Resilience Card Game.jpg

'Resilience' Card Game
by Kelly Stanford (artist) & Dr. Chris Skinner (University of Hull)

Poop Pondering Schistosomiasis Games.png

 'Poop Pondering'
Lauren Carruthers (University of Glasgow)


Comic-Page_1 Dundee.jpg
Worm Hunters.png
WCIP helminths Comic1.png

Snakebite education resources in Myanmar

Dr. Bethany Moos (Improving Global Health Fellow / Hedena Health Oxford)

Discovery News

University of Dundee

Worm Hunters

Wellcome Genome Campus Public Engagement

Helminths: the Secret World of Parasitic Worms

Wellcome Centre for Integrative Parasitology (WCIP) & artist Edward Ross

Books & Written 

Hotez Vaccines.png
Under The Big Tree1.png
An Air That Kills Poulson.jpg
Hotez ISNTD.jpg
Unclean Hands.png
If God is a Virus.png