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ISNTD Water Roundtable

The Role & Potential for the Private Sector in the Provision of Safe Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

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Safe water, adequate sanitation and hygiene are essential to breaking the transmission cycles of many neglected tropical diseases and are vital in the sustainable control of these diseases and improved public health for the world's most vulnerable. Despite substantial improvements in such provision worldwide, the continued development of access to safe water & sanitation must be at the forefront of not only the health and development agenda, but underpins the assurance of human rights themselves. The synergies between improved water & sanitation and health - and particularly neglected tropical diseases - are immense.  


The International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases seeks a multidisciplinary and international approach to tackling the gaps which remain in the provision of safe water, sanitation & hygiene practices worldwide, whether in research, infrastructure development, financing, policy, and more, and engages with governments, aid & development agencies, charities, NGOs, research scientists, private sector, ...


In this context, the ISNTD had the opportunity to invite a multisectoral panel to present and discuss the main issues surrounding the experience & potential for private sector participation in the provision of safe water, sanitation & hygiene - and present the output below. Click here to view a more detailed rationale for the roundtable.


The issues surrounding unsafe water, poor sanitation and health will be further developed at a forthcoming conference in London:

ISNTD Water, June 19th 2014, Brunei Gallery, London -


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A panel discussion as part of the annual meeting of non-governmental development organisations woring in NTDs

Brighton, UK

September 18th 2013