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ISNTD Bites 2012

(Natural History Museum, Oct 17th 2012)

Audio: Dr. Herminia Cabral (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation)

"Setting up a Health Research Center in Angola"



Pr. Graham Matthews (WHO & Imperial College London) - "Integrated Vector Management: The Need To Do More Than Issue Bednets and Spray Houses"



Pr. Sue Welburn (Univ of Edinburgh) - "No Longer Neglected? Integrated Control of Human Sleeping Sickness and Animal Trypanosomiasis"

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OneHealth NTD (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medecine, June 7th 2012)

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Audio: Dr. Udo Feldmann (FAO-IAEA)

"Assisting Member States in their Efforts

to Control Insect Disease Vectors"


Panel Discussions:    

  • Leprosy: On the Verge of Elimination?

  • Infections & Coinfection: Dynamics & Healthcare Implications

  • NTDs & the 'big 3': HIV, TB and malaria

  • TB focus: lessons learned

... and more!

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Buruli ulcer - from a difficult past to a hopeful future


Neglected Tropical Diseases


ISNTD Coinfections

(Wellcome Trust, Feb 12th 2013)

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Audio: Dr. Paul Ready (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine)

"Emergence of leishmaniasis & sandflies in Europe"

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"Delivering Health Impacts in Developing Countries through Mass Media Behaviour Change Campaigns"


Watch now DMI leprosy

OneHealth NTD (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medecine, June 7th 2012)

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ISNTD Bites (Natural History Museum, Oct 17th 2012)

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"NTDs & the 'big 3': HIV, TB and malaria"

  • Chair: Dr. Mark Booth (Durham University)

  • Pr. Hazel Dockrell (LSHTM)

  • Pr. Alan Fenwick (SCI, Imperial College London)

  • Mr. Emil Ivan (Rwanda Biomedical Centre)

  • Dr. Neil Squires (Department for International Development)

  • Mr. Simon Wright (Save the Children)

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ISNTD Bites 2013

Integrated disease surveillance & vector control

(London, Oct 15th 2013)

Pr. Hilary Ranson 

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Head of Medical Entomology

Mr. Patrick Copeland 


Head of Engineering

Dr. Fabio Zicker  

WHO Tropical Disease Research (TDR)

photo_copeland square photo_ranson square photo_zicker More "Infectious Thoughts"


Drug discovery & development



(London May 15th)

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Water & sanitation


International capacity building

Vector control & surveillance

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  • Selected research abstracts

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