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ISNTD Bites 2013 videos

Opening address: Pr. Simon Hay (University of Oxford) - The Global Distribution and Burden of Dengue


Session 1 - Epidemiology & surveillance technologies


Session 2 - Innovation in vector control


Session 3 – Impact of resistance


Session 4 - Focus on dengue

Workshop: Insect Repellents

Dr. James Logan (LSHTM)

Dr. Vanessa Chen-Hussey (LSHTM)

Dr. Ulla Obermayr (Biogents)

Panel discussion


Workshop: Transgenic mosquitoes

Dr. Andrew McKemey (Oxitec)


Workshop: Fogging (IGEBA)

Dr. Danial Arkwell (Sentinel Diagnostics) - STAT-NAT® Technology: ambient temperature stabilisation of molecular diagnostic assays


Dr. Derek Ho (Imperial College London) - Antibiotic resistance after trachoma treatment


Dr. Sabah Boufkhed (Institut Pasteur) - EpiSouth project on dengue


Dr. Bell & Dr. Ross (NHS Trust) - Just Another Case of Rabies?


Mr. Jake Shepherd (University of Sheffield, UK) - Investigating the Successes and Challenges of an integrated CDTi (Community Directed Treatment with Ivermectin) Programme in South-West Cameroon

target mossie

Panel discussions



Plenary session: presentations